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                                                                 What you should know:

   Before considering a possible appointment with Me, I insist you read the                                       following  important information:




  Due to certain changes and the   continuous advances in technology,           I feel the need to modify # 15,17,18 and 21 and ADD # 6, 7, 19 and 22





All those obedient and respectful slaves/ toilets that are still serving and amusing

   Me today, have had the privilege of doing so for many years.  I have the reputation of

   being very strict, hard-core and demanding. Therefore, it's not surprising that many

   wanna-be toilets/pussies  have lost their privilege of serving Me along the years.

   So that there will be no future misunderstandings, I will list the following Unacceptable

   No-No's/ rules/ additional information that a potential slave/toilet should know,

   understand  and adhere to. This is for the sole purpose that you don't waste MY time or yours.


  1)  There is no sexual contact with Me whatsoever.

  2)  I do not conduct My scenes in the nude, or topless or bottomless.

  3)  I do not conduct sensual, or teasing or tickling typed sessions.

  4)  I refuse to wear stockings and garter belts. It's not My style, so DON'T ASK.

  5)  NO "Babies"! I do NOT enjoy infantilism, never did.

  6)  NO NOVICES OF ANY KIND! If you are not on My level, don't contact Me. I only conduct

       certain types of sessions/scenes because those are the ones I truly enjoy. If I can not

       get any amusement out of the scene, I prefer not to see you.

  7)  NO slaves or toilets under 35 years of age. I will find out eventually and once I see how

        young you are, I will walk out. Don't contact Me to begin with.

  8)  I no longer offer scenes that involve any kind of wrestling  with any new

       clients or those whom I haven't seen in more than 3 months. I know who you all are.

       PS. I NEVER did any Martial arts, so don't inquire about that. It's time to put that to

       rest once and for all.

  9)  I will not respond to individuals who "challenge" Me to prove My Dominance by attempting

       to provoke Me verbally or by writing.

  10)  To that individual who has been calling everyone for that BS "castration",  DON'T bother 

        emailing  or calling Me. you will be ignored.

  11)  I do not engage in real life blackmail scenarios. you know you are full of shit, anyway so

        DON'T waste My time.

  12)  Do not request to be My " personal", or " live-in" , or "house" slave. you shall be ignored.

  13)  I am NOT available for "coffee", "lunch", "dinner", or  for "drinks". Don't ask.

  14)  Heterosexual couples are welcome, as long as the Female partner contacts Me personally.

  15)  No smoking, no drinking alcohol and no drug use in My presence.

  16)  you will arrive to see Me ON TIME, as well as,  clean and well-groomed.

  17)  a) I will not accommodate those with detailed scripts.

         b) Same goes for those who insist on telling Me what "turns them on". I don't give a shit

            what turns you on, so keep it to yourself!

  18)  Whatever we both agreed upon or negotiated, prior to your visit with Me, MUST be

         carried out and followed thoroughly by you wholeheartedly...or you risk the privilege of 

         not serving Me again.

  19)  After agreeing on an appointment date and time, a 50% deposit is required prior to this


  20)  I DO NOT allow My toilets to take a shower  after they've receive gifts from Me...

        UNLESS they give Me a good reason why a shower is necessary, and under the condition

        that they  pre-purchase  a bar of Nia's Shit Scrub.

  21)  After I establish if we are compatible via email, you will email Me a contact number.

         Private or blocked numbers , as well as those who call ( or have called numerous times in the

          past )  without leaving a message.... will not be answered.

          I also do not answer calls that I do not recognize.

  22)   a ) I will ignore all emails coming from your smart phones that have only your telephone

               number and a one line question.

          b) This also means that I do not respond to any mass emails  from those who do not address

              Me properly and from those with no name. Experienced and well-trained slaves should

              know better.



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