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 My Friends                                    


My Beautiful Mistress Friends:

The following Mistresses are My Mistress friends that I like to have join in on

some of My elaborate scenes.

 ( Click on name or picture to link to website)

 1) Mistress Danielle 

  ( Unfortunately, Mistress Danielle's site is no longer active)



  I also have available- other Beautiful Mistress Friends from out of town who might be visiting.

Don't forget to ask who might be available at the time and date of your desired appointment.


 Switches or female submissive friends:

 As a treat, I may introduce one or two of My many switch or female submissives in an elaborate

 role play scene. 


 First we have, Bambi the beautiful sex-kitten .

 Bambi is 5'9", in late 20's, with very long, wavy blonde hair to her mid-back. Bambi's cute

 and playful personality balances out my severity.


My Extremely Good-Looking Master Friends:


Each week, I have a choice of different Hot Master Friends that might be available to work with Me.

The following are all My favorites that I've enjoyed working with, and have shared the use of my slaves

with, so far.  Email Me  to find out who is in town at the time and date of your desired session, and I will

also tell you who would be best suited for that particular scene, along with his tribute.


1) Dave- ( from Canada ) International Male Porn star and male model.


                         VERY DOMINANT, a life-style Master , 

                         Muscular, Cauc. with tan, 5'11", 210 lbs, with dark hair, in early 30's

2) Adriano-  ( From Argentina)


                    Body-Builder/personal trainer/ model

                    Macho, sexy and tanned with a very muscular physique, dark hair 

                    6'0, 240 lbs, in early 30's

3) Nicholas- ( From Canada) Model/ male dancer


                    Cauc.,Brown hair with spikey highlights, very toned athletic body

                    5'9" , 180 lbs, in mid 20's

4) Marlone- ( originally from the South) Model/ dominant


                    Dark-skinned with a defined muscular body, 5'10, 190 lbs, in mid 20's

5) Trevor- ( From Canada) Top competitive Body-Builder/ Fitness Model who have graced

                many Fitness magazine covers.

                Cauc., Massive and extremely muscular body,  5'10, 250 lbs. of solid muscle, in mid 20's


6) Eric- ( from Texas) Competitive Body-Builder/ Fitness Magazine model/ dancer

             Bi-racial, very muscular, 5' 7, 185 lbs. of solid muscle, in late 20's

7) Shawn- ( from Canada) Hot model, Cauc., toned-body, beautiful hazel-green eyes

                 5'11, 180 lbs, in mid 20's


 ALSO available:  I haven't had the chance to work with the following, but would love to share

                           the use of my slaves/ toilets with them.

Victor (From Brazil)-  Big Body-Builder, 5'11, 240 lb, shaved head, well-endowed, in early 30's,

                                 VERY DOMINANT and VERY intimidating-looking

Erick ( From Canada) - lean, dark hair, cauc & native mix, 5'9, 165 lbs. sexy, Dominant

Sebastien (From Canada)- Gorgeous fitness model, Cauc., 5'11, 200 lb., dark, spikey hair,

                 in early 20's

Nick (From Canada)- Cute, lean athletic, Cauc., lean body, dark, short hair, well-endowed, 185 lbs

James (From Canada)- Good-looking model, Cauc., athletic body, 5'9", 185 lbs, in early 30's

Josh ( From Canada)- Exotic, Good-looking, tanned, athletic body, 5'10, 170 lbs, in early 20's

Ben ( From Canada)- Good-looking, ex-gymnast/ wrestler/ boxer, 5"10, 190 lbs, mid 20's




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