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   My Dungeon no longer exist, but you may     

                           read  about it :

My Dungeon


I am the owner and operator of My own private dungeon, The Steel Pavillion. ( Yes, that's right

two "L's" ...spelled that way on purpose.) The Steel Pavillion is approx. 3,000 sq. feet with  2  fully-

equipped dungeons, 1 Roleplay/Cross-Dressing room, and The Wrestling Annex. The dungeons

are furnished with custom-made equipment and devices of my own design. Some of My pieces

include a bondage bed/cage, a wheel of torture, an Iron maiden, a torture dental chair/bed/table,

a medical table, a throne/toilet, and 4 suspensions all- together. Two of the suspension devices

 are on a trolley system which enables a suspended victim to travel across the room in mid-air.

My dungeon is conveniently located in the Chelsea area of Manhattan...near Penn Station, and

near a selection of subway stations. I work with resident Mistresses, Mistress Melinda  and

Mistress Danielle. We all share the same "anal attitude" of always keeping the facility, as

well as all the equipment clean.


The doors are opened to reveal the back of the torture wheel.


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  About Me   What you Should Know  Extreme Humiliation  Extreme Corporal  Extreme Bondage

 Extreme Pain    Elaborate Scenes    My Friends    My Wardrobe    Letters     My Line of Products

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