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                      toilet of the month  !!!


                          My goal is: to NEVER have to use one of these ever again!!!  


Jan. 08th, 2013-   We had a slow month with not too much competition for My for

                         December 2012, but I MUST give the honors to............

                         "toilet carlo" from upstate NY!   "toilet carlo" had consumed 3 fresh loads,

                         PLUS, 5 doggy bags in a 24 hour period! Not bad!!




Dec. 04, 2012-     Congratulations to "toilet anthony" from Boston for being My November

                         2012 "toilet of the month!! "toilet anthony" consumed 2 fresh loads, PLUS

                         2 doggy bags each day , 4 days consecutively!!



Nov. 05, 2012-    I have good news... not-s0-good news... good news again!

                         The Good news: Some of our doggy bag pics were taken with My new

                         digital camera.

                          The not-so-good news: Some were taken with My camera phone.

                          The Good news again: From this point on, all the doggy bags will be taken

                          from My new camera.

                          With that said, the "toilet of the month for October 2012" was awarded to...

                          "toilet ivan" from Las Vegas for consuming 2 full loads, plus 2 doggy

                          bags within a 12hr period, 3 days consecutively.



Oct. 01st, 2012-   Not too much competition in September. However, I'm awarding the

                          title of "toilet of the month Sept 2012" t0  ...............

                          "toilet ken" from Fla. for consuming 1 fresh load, plus 1 doggy bag,

                          4 days consecutively. As stated on My "Announcements" Page , I will

                          be receiving My new digital camera this month. So, we will still have

                         some shitty quality doggy bags pics until then.



Sept. 06th, 2012-  I'd like to congratulate "toilet jon" from London for the coveted title of

                           My "toilet of the month" for August 2012. "toilet jon" has been serving

                           Me for 6 years and has never been awarded this title until now. That

                           goes to show all potential toilets to never give up! "toilet jon" consumed

                           2 fresh loads, plus 2 doggy bags for the first 2 days consecutively, but

                           increased a 3rd doggy bag with his 2 fresh loads on the 3rd day!!

                           It was this 3rd doggy bag that took it over the top for the win!

                           As you can see, I am still using the camera on My phone, so the quality

                           of the pics are not great, but again, better than nothing. I will get a new

                           camera in a few months, so everyone will have to bear with the cell

                           phone pics till then.




Aug. 26th, 2012-  Sorry for the late posting of last month's "toilet of the month" award.

                         I lost my camera and had to take photos of My doggy bags with My

                         camera phone. I also had to order a cable for my phone. Unfortunately,

                         the following pics are not the best quality, but better than nothing.

                         So without further ado, My pick for "toilet of the month" for July 2012

                         goes to "toilet robert" of Buffalo, NY,  for consuming 1fresh load, plus

                         2 doggy bags, 3 days consecutively.




July 04, 2012-    I am pleased to announce My "toilet of the month for June 2012....

                         "toilet max" of Minnesota for serving Me well as My toilet for 4 days

                         consecutively, for 12 hours each day. "toilet max" consumed 2 fresh

                         loads on each day, PLUS 2 doggy bags the first 3 days, then, 3 doggy

                         bags on the 4th day, totaling 8 fresh loads and 8 doggy bags!




 June 03, 2012-    Not too much competition for the month of May, but I have to give the

                         coveted award of My "toilet of the month" to ........

                         "toilet agostingho" of NJ for consuming 1 fresh load and 4 doggy bags

                         in a 3 hour period.



 May 06, 2012-  I'm pleased to announce My "toilet of the month" for April 2012 , new "toilet

                         freddie" from New Jersey. "toilet freddie" consumed 2 fresh loads, PLUS

                         2 doggie bags a day, within a 10 hour period, in 4 consecutive days.




 April 13, 2012-  Those who have waited patiently for the announcement of My "toilet of

                         the month for the month of March 2012, the wait is over! I give this

                         coveted award to ............

                         impressive "toilet chuck" from Texas" for consuming 3 fresh loads, PLUS

                         7 doggy bags in a 36 hour period!





 Mar. 04, 2012-  I am pleased to announce My new "toilet of the month for Feb. 2012...

                        "toilet agostino" from NJ. This impressive toilet served me for a 48 hour

                         period where he had consumed a total of 6 fresh loads ( 3 per day), PLUS

                         3 doggy bags on Day 1 and 4 doggy bags on Day 2. I like toilets who

                         push themselves! Keep the good toilets coming!




 Feb. 13, 2012 -  Sorry for the delay of posting the first "toilet of the month" of 2012!

                        But, good things come to those who wait! My "toilet of the month" for

                        Jan. 2012  is.........

                        "toilet Anthony" from Washington DE for consuming 2 fresh loads, PLUS

                         5 doggy bags in a period of 10 hours!! A nice start to the new year!

                         Let's keep those good toilets coming!





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