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    toilet of the month Archives 2005-2006


Jan. 10, 2007-  Unfortunately, the "toilet of the Month" for Dec.2006 goes to a restaurant

                        toilet. Due to bad timing, this was a huge load that went to waste!

                        Shame! Since I can not boast a good toilet for Dec, I will show an example

                        of a horrible toilet that deserves some extra humiliation. I was able to amuse

                        Myself, anyway by making decorations on his face with My shit.

                        I would like to give "toilet h" the motivation and desire to serve Me

                        better for the next time.


Dec. 02, 2006-    OOPS! I am sure many of you have been anxiously waiting for the

                        results of Oct's "toilet of the Month". I had been on vacation, so I will

                        post the results of Oct.'s and Nov's "toilets of the Months" today.

                        First, the "toilet of the Month" for Oct.2006 goes to.....

                        "shitbreath" franco of Italy, who not only ate MY huge load, but his own!

                        After pounding him with humongous dildo, he lost control and had

                        an accident. Therefore, he received a "Dirty Sanchez" as punishment,

                        PLUS an EXTRA meal...his own shit load!!

                        Now, the "toilet of the Month" for Nov. 2006 goes to.....

                             "toilet mike s." of Fla, who was My "House toilet" for 6 hours where

                        he served not only Me, but also 4 of My HOT male friends!!! This was

                        VERY impressive!!!                                   

Oct. 18, 2006-    Another NEW impressive toilet wins the title of " toilet of the Month" for

                        the month of Sept!! "toilet joe" from Cincinnati consumed NOT one, but

                        2 huge loads....one gigantic load from Me and one from My hot-looking

                        Master friend, Alexis! According to Master Alexis, "toilet joe" should also

                        win the title of " bidet of the month" for the Masters!

Sept. 12, 2006-  "shit-mouth gareth" has redeemed his title as "toilet of the month" for

                        the month of August 2006!! Once again, he consumed 3 huge loads

                        in a period of 12 hours!!

Aug. 05, 2006-  We have a new "toilet of the month" for July... "toilet robert" of NYC.

                       The previous champion, " shit-mouth gareth" had been away on vacation.

                        This toilet just reported that he would like to redeem his title.

                         We shall see.

 July 04, 2006-   The "toilet of the month" for June goes to "shit-mouth gareth" again!

                       This time, "shit-mouth gareth" received 3 huge loads in a 12 hour

                        period. this toilet can't get enough!

June 16,2006-  Better late than never: May's "toilet of the month" award goes to....

                      "shit-mouth gareth", from Wales who received 2 loads in a 6 hour

                      period....then, returned the next day for a shit sandwich "to go" for his


May 10,2006-  The "toilet of the month" award for April 2006 goes to...

                      "shiteater alan" of California. This lucky toilet received 3 loads in a

                      14 hour period.

                      Now, the results of The "load of the month" contest for March 2006:

                      It was a close contest between "load E" and "shitface david" , but the

                      winner goes to "load E".                         

Mar.2006:  For the month of March...I am doing something special. I made close-ups of

                 the following big loads of March. I will let you decide the winner. To be fair

                 to "shitface david", he had already eaten a huge amount...unfortunately, a

                 lot went to waste on his face. Therefore, he was not the best toilet I have ever used.

                                                   CAST YOUR VOTE!!!


              Click here to Vote       Click here to Vote         Click here to vote        Click here to vote

              for Load "A"               for Load "B"                for Load "C"               for Load "D"


             Click here to vote        Click here to vote         Click here to vote         Click here to vote

              for load "E"                for load "F"                for load "G"                for "shitface david"

               I will announce the results the beginning of May.    


 Feb. 2006:  On Feb.4th, I amazed even Myself! I have a 3-way tie ALL from that one day....

                 toilet #1 and #3 were judged by their enthusiasm.

                 1) toilet "lovesbrown" who took the first big load of the day....a very good toilet.

                                              I like his willingness to please.

                 2) restaurant toilet-  Unfortunately, this load went to waste

                 3) toilet sam- later that evening- this toilet gets special recognition for coming when

                                     I needed him. He had missed the afternoon feeding earlier that day

                                     and came at a moment's notice from another side of town. This load

                                     came out on the wet side being that I had to hold it till my toilet

                                     arrived. I am impressed by toilet sam's attitude. he took his meal...

                                     come what may. ALL toilets should have his attitude!

Jan. 2006:  This is late, but after much deliberation....the "toilet of the Month" award for Jan. 2006

                  goes to ...."toilet "bob" of Boston. This was a very impressive toilet... ate EVERYTHING,

                          therefore no pics to show and nothing went to waste. That's how I like My toilets.

                  Honorable Mention: "toilet jack" of N.J and.....My toilet for the following:

                        I admit, this was actually a double load, but they were within 2 hours of

                                        each other. A plunger was necessary, too bad.




you could be here!


Dec. 26th, 2005: "toilet of the month" again.... goes to MY own toilet.

                                            This is the Xmas dinner you missed!




Nov. 2005:  Unfortunately, for the month of Nov. the "toilet of the month" award goes to .....

                         My real toilet at home. Looks like it will be the winner for December, as well.





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