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  I am also known for My ability to plan and orchestrate uniquely 

 creative and outrageous  multiple hour scenes that involve some of

 My Beautiful Mistress Friends, and/or My female submissive friends.

 I especially enjoy showing off how I would use and abuse my slaves/

toilets to  My Extremely Good-Looking Master Friends.  My circle of Master

 Friends include well-known male fitness cover models, Play Girl Cover &

centerfold models, competitive body-builders , Hot male strippers,  and

male porn stars from all over the world.


These are examples of some of the scenes I've produced in the past:


1) you are the new, fresh-meat inmate in a nearby prison. you are "broken in" and feminized by a gang

    of  BIG and thuggish inmates.

2)  I have organized the Mistress/slave Olympic Games. Six of My Mistress Friends and I each chose a

     slave who represented and competed for us. This two day event was filled with ultra humiliating

     activities for all Our amusement. Guess who's slave won the gold?

3)  I've been flown to Boston twice to organize weekend scenes ( also chock filled with humiliating

     activities) with 2-4 other Mistresses, and a minimum of  7 submissives.

4) you are in a compromising, inescapable bondage position , then suspended in the air .

    you are then used as a pinata , as My Friends and I each take turns to beat and abuse you until

    you are forced to service and please each of us, however way I choose.

5) you are used as My piece of furniture...a table top, foot mat, couch, mattress, bondage bed, or

    whatever else I should choose you to be. I invite My Friends over throughout the evening so that I

    will offer you to them to use ( in any way) for as long as I choose.

6) you are My arm-candy and good-luck charm in a casino.  I am pleased with my winnings, so I donate

    you  to each of the other craps players. They each take turns in having Their way with you....right

    there on top of the craps table.  ( Note: to make this scene more authentic and amusing for Me, and

    My Friends,we play on a real craps layout, or roulette layout, full with accessories)


 Email Me if you desire for Me to enjoy and entertain Myself and My Friends  by using and abusing

 you for My/Our amusement in an elaborate scene.


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