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                 Full of Shit   ( Not literally)

                           This is the "Time  wasting, Bullshitters" List


         ( Newest additions on top)

              May 02, 2008:   Time Waster/Bullshitter : mikalikes@yahoo.com ("mike")

                                                    This guy considers himself a "hard player" , loves to consume a "humongous

                                                      load", wants to be fisted for the first time, wants to be caned by a Singapore cane,

                                                     bullwhipped, "invaded with a huge member", and extensively verbally abused

                                                     and degraded. Will ask for a 3-4 hour session and will offer a deposit, but this is


              Feb. 24,2008:   WARNING FOR THE DOMMES!


                                          Brtsearch@aol.com also Niizz8@aol.com  also


                                          You know you are dealing with a pyscho when someone emails you from not

                                                     one, not 2, but 3 different email addresses!!! Of course, he starts off being VERY

                                                     respectful and VERY "submissive". However, after letting him know that I was

                                                     NOT interested in seeing him for an appointment ( which we Dommes have the

                                                     right to exercise)....he emailed me from the 2nd and 3rd email addresses UNTIL

                                                     this final email:

                                 ( From :Elevinelevin1111)
" you asked me a question I answered it..only an unstable jerk would  react 

                          as you have...you will eventually just fade away due to your attitude...i will serve

                           someone with a brain"        

                                      Here's MY response to this disturbed nutjob:

                                      Look who is being a crazy, UNSTABLE shiteating sicko!!

                                     Why am I being foolish? I have the right to see who I want
                                     and a right to not want to see anyone...just as you do.
                                     you can't accept that fact...so you stalk and send Me emails
                                     from 3 different email accounts!! ANYONE who would read
                                     all of MY emails as compared to ALL of yours ( from all different
                                     accounts)...would see VERY clearly that
you are the one
                                     that is the nutcase!

                                     My attitude is JUST fine. I Thank God that He gave ME
                                     the gift of sniffing out psycho wanna-be submissives such as
                                     yourself who TURN on people when they can't have their way!

                                     I have plenty of toilets from all over the world so I am not
                                     hurting for toilets! I don't worry about fading away...even if
                                     I did...it wouldn't bother Me! HAHA!

                                     PLEASE DO serve someone else! That works out for
                                     BOTH of us. SICKO!

            Jan. 10, 2007:    This one submitted by several Mistresses:

                                            jackloftway@hotmail.com  also:  hpalberto12@hotmail.com

                                           This nasty shit calls himself "Jack Loftway" and/or "Antoine" who

                                                      claims to live in France. his initial email will come across as very

                                                      submissive, however, his true nasty shit side comes through. he can't take

                                                      any kind of rejection, so he will try to insult the Mistresses with racial insults,

                                                     in a fashion that makes NO sense at all ( laughable, in fact)  because he's simply

                                                     a wanna-be!

                                                     In case you are reading this, you cocksucking piece-of-shit...what do you

                                                    have against Belgians , Tibetans, Mongolians, Africans, Jewish, Latinos,

                                                    Germans, Russians, and Ukrainians?                                                

              Oct. 25, 2006:    want2servedomme@yahoo.com  - ( goes by both "nick" and "evan")

                                                     This shit pretends to be interested in serving as a full toilet, as well as

                                                     serving a Master...tries to ask "what is expected of him". After making

                                                     an appointment date....no follow-up ( meaning: no deposit).

                                                     This email address is no longer valid.

             July 18th, 2006:  The link below was incorrectly entered, but the error has rectified.

             May 18th, 2006 :  http://gbsite.porno-private.net/checkload.htm

                                           This is a whole BULLSHIT site that lifted MY pics, They are using MY photos,

                                                     of MY shit loads, from MY site !!

            Jan. 8th, 2006:  urano_cage@alice.it  (andrea from Milan, Italy)

                                                This is a master manipulator who claims to be a toilet, but will actually

                                                try to tell the Mistress what to do! He thinks he can make deals with

                                                the Mistress with his constant proposals. Bullshits about seeing the

                                                Mistress for a week, then 15 days, then 30 days....TIME-WASTER!!

           Jan. 5th,2005:  dhorlock@gmail.com  ( dan from the UK)

                                                same as sallypower10000@hotmail.com  ( sally ,23 yo from NY)

                                                 Asks for you to: put needles into his navel and ....trample on him with barefoot

                                                and heels and ....punch his  belly....or clamp his navel and cut part of the surface

                                                of a belly button out.....or to stab his belly button. he is NOT serious. he just wants

                                                to waste your time and will ask over and over again: how much  will you cut out...

                                                and what will you do with it?


           Dec. 22, 2005:  This telephone number submitted by several Mistresses

                                      John  (410)- 336-0987 - Asks for heavy latex ( asks Mistress to

                                                wear latex masks and gloves,)  heavy medical, and suturing.

          Dec. 17, 2005:  underyou2006@yahoo.com same guy as pictureframe@writeme.

                                      From the UK. Will pretend to want "Extreme"...some BS and GS....then

                                              dares  you to kill him.


          Nov. 6, 2005 : This one submitted by several Mistresses:

                                            Paul (pretends to want bs splosh) 808 344-1118 , but also goes by Scott

                                            and calls non-stop without leaving a message.

           Nov.3, 2005 :  mhotnsour@yahoo.com ( as manoj)

                                  Lives in Toronto.

           Oct.1, 2005  :  Smitty4gop@aol.com (as brian)

                                  also goes by  tghtbttm4top@yahoo.com ( as jaison)

                                           Lives in the Upper West Side, NYC- likes to talk about  wanting to

                                           eat a "big load" but has no experience ( as jaison). Then, he changed his email

                                           address and name as "brian"...slipped and couldn't remember his name.

                                  toilet troy- Village, NYC ( troymarlowe@hotmail.com)

                                          Supposedly  from the UK, now living in the Village. This bullshitting time waster will

                                          exchange several emails, make a 3 hour appointment,  but nothing else.


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