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For those who visit My site regularly, I've created

this new page for :

new announcements

updates and information on My site   

My future plans




Feb. 9th, 2017-  It has come to My attention that there is an impostor

                           posing as Me on Twitter. THAT IS NOT ME!!

                            I DO NOT have a Twitter Account nor do I have time

                           for any type of BULLSHIT social media.


                          Those who know Me, know that I don't even go on those

                         S&M message boards...not even to defend Myself when a

                         BULLSHIT troll has written about a fake session with Me.


                           As you can see, all the pictures on there has been ripped

                          off My website. Twitter has been notified of this impostor

                          and measures have been made to close this FAKE account



                           If you or someone you know has had any exchanges with

                           the person(s) behind that FAKE Twitter account, I want

                           to confirm that was NOT Me. 





Aug. 15th, 2014-  To all who have been following My site for updates on the

                                "toilet of the month", I apologize for neglecting to post the

                                results in the past months. I had been super busy with

                                many things, but I promise to have the results posted again.

                               OTHER GOOD NEWS!!

                        I will be updating   "My Friends" page, to announce My newest

                                Mistress and Master friends that I have been working with.

                                STAY TUNED!!



Mar. 09th, 2013-  So far, there had been only 3 lucky winners from last month's

                               FREE DOGGY BAG Give-away contest. I would like to give

                               away the other 2 Doggy Bags, so I am extending the GUESS

                               WHAT I'VE EATEN IN DOGGY BAG #2 and #3 Contest until the

                               end of March. Good Luck to all guessers!!


Feb. 12th, 2013-  ANNOUNCING a fun contest!! This is a contest for *eligible

                               and experienced toilets of the world!

                               Go to " toilet of the month" page to see the details and to


                              ( * meaning a toilet that meets My requirements as per My

                              "What you should know" page)

Sept. 23th,2012- It's been about a year since My last announcement, but I've

                              updated My " What you should know" page and some information

                              on buying My Shit Scrub on " My Line of Products" page.

                               The quality of the doggy bags pictures have been shitty

                               because I lost My camera and have been using My camera phone.

                               I've ordered a new camera and will receive it next month.

                               In the meantime, I've continued posting the results of My

                               "toilet of the month" winners, as you have noticed.


Sept. 29th,2011- I am in the process of deliberating who would be the

                          "toilet of the month" for Sept. 2011, after over a year's absence...

                              ....to be announced on Oct. 1st! Stay tuned!!!

July 07th, 2011-  I am pleased to announce that I will be resuming the updates on

                              My "toilet of the month" page in October. Stay tuned!!


Nov. 18th, 2010 - I am currently taking a 3 month vacation, but feel free

                                 to email Me to set up future appointments.


Feb. 15th,2007-  Last minute travel plans!

                              I will be in Toronto this weekend the 17th.

                             Email me  to inquire about a possible appointment.

Oct. 30th, 2006-  See some of My hot, new friends in this new calendar!


July 18th, 2006-   The BULLSHIT site below is still using the photos of

                               MY shit loads their site.

                               NOTE: The web address is right, but the link was

                               entered incorrectly. This error has been corrected.

May 18th, 2006-   I'd like to expose the following BULLSHIT site:


                               They are using MY photos, of MY shit loads, from MY site !!


                               Nia's Shit Scrub has a new look!

                               See "My Line of Products" Page!


Nov. 15,2005- My Very Good-looking Master friend, Adriano ( from Argentina) will be in NYC

                                      next month. (See " MY Friends" page.)  Email Me for more information.

                               I have a new ad on p.131 of DDI World Edition, Issue#56


                                      For those who don't "GET" the text in the ad... what I am trying to say is

                                      that I have never retired and am STILL and ALWAYS will be "on a pedestal".



Nov. 12, 2005- New "toilet of the Month"  page is up, but.....

                                   I haven't found a  deserving toilet to show-off last month.

                                   Maybe, this month??

                                   I will be introducing the Line of Shit Jewelry soon, as well.


Nov. 3, 2004- New "Full of Shit" Page has been added!!                                                                             


Oct.5th 2005-  COMING SOON!! I will be adding  another new page entitled " toilet of the month"

                                  to  reward and show-off My favorite toilets.


Sept. 26th,2005 -  The Steel Pavillion no longer exist. I closed it 3 weeks ago,

                                           but I will  keep  the "My Dungeon" page up for the time being.

                                           I still session in NYC- with a 50% deposit to secure an appointment.


                                          I will create another NEW PAGE dedicated to expose the names and

                                         email addresses of those Bullshitting time wasters who email with

                                         no intention of making an actual appointment. I'm not talking about those

                                         who asks legitimate questions, and after a few emails back and forth,

                                         I decide we are not compatible. To be on this page, the bullshitter and I

                                         have exchanged several emails, then the bullshitter proceeds to make 

                                         an  appointment, and then... never follows through.


                                         This Page will also include  names and email addresses of problematic

                                         wanna-be  slaves.

                                         I invite ALL Mistresses to email Me with any names to submit to this page. 

                                         They will change their names and email addresses, but SOMEONE will

                                         be sure to see this info for the first few minutes it is posted.



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